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A design case study is an example of a successful project you've completed.

Typically it should outline the problem or assignment, show off your solution, and explain your approach.


Happy Munkey 420
Happy Munkey Roll Tray

The Client : HappyMunkey420

A soon-to-be open to the public VIP cannabis lounge. With the ever growing number of cannabis businesses making their way to New York the challenges they face are piling up in an effort to separate themselves from other brands in the industry. 

The Challenge : Product launch

Tying into the promotion of the lounge and the brand as a whole is the merchandise line. Catering to the needs of their number one consumers HM needed a line of custom branded cannabis accessories. They reached out to us in need and we delivered.

The Solution : Events and Launch

After much brainstorming and a planned calendar of invite only events, we helped HM establish itself as the number one VIP 420 friendly lounge via a still-growing lineup of custom products. Grinders, ash trays, rolling trays, buttons, pins, lighters, stickers, and a goodie bag to carry it all in make up the first round of branded items we helped them launch during a first annual boat party on the Hudson River.  

Happy Munkey 420
Happy Munkey


The Client : shakin' nj

A juice bar chain originating in Union City, NJ. What started out as a dream has now flourished into two locations in NJ servicing Hudson County its daily dose of healthy and delicious eating. 

The Challenge : Store Opening

The client needed a full business identity and branding guidelines created. We combined our efforts to come up with branding guidelines for the business, application of graphics to the store windows and refrigerators, and to coordinate the grand opening of the first location. 

The Solution : Events and Launch

We succeeded in launching the first location to a huge crowd of supporters. The mayor came to help with the ribbon cutting ceremony, and dozens of people lined up outside for a taste of the goods. The massive campaign included a trifold menu, several promotional campaigns for social media outlets, and a variety of printed flyers and banners to promote the coming of the grand opening. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 12.15.22
Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 11.50.08
Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 12.15.56

Dr. Green


The Client : Dr. Green

A buzzing cannabis brand. Following the current explosion of new cannabis brands across the nation, Dr. Green aims to set itself apart from the rest with its amazing client services and gourmet cultivated cannabis consumables. 

The Challenge : Brand Launch

Making a splash onto the cannabis scene, the client has secured its spot amongst the legitimate cannabis brands by making headlines in the industry. Very few brands have the extensive work put into their presentation the way Dr. Green has. Executing a massive online branding campaign and creative awareness both in the online cannabis world and the every growing getting around through the city streets.  

The Solution : Full Catalog Design

We helped make the launch a success and assisted in the record breaking first week sales with our collaborative marketing strategy and on going guerrilla marketing campaign. A full line of packaging was designed for all the Dr. Green flower and products.

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